2PCS Y.A. LOTUS Silicone Luggage Tags with Name ID Card and Stainless Steel Loop, Premium Flexible Travel ID Bag Tag helps Quickly Spot Luggage Suitcase, for women, men – Black





Package Included

2 X Silicone tags
2 X Name ID Cards
2 X Stainless Steel Loops
2 X PVC Card

Color: Black

Material: Flexible Silicone, Upgrade stainless steel cables

Dimension: Tags size: L3.6 x W2 inch,
Name card size: L 3.4x W1.7inch .

Weight: 26.3g

Made of quality durable Silicone ability to bend without breaking, small size and light weight, convenient to carry.
Come with a string and a screw connector for closely connecting your luggage.
Bright colours help you to pick out your luggage at your first sight, so don’t worry about take the luggage by mistake.

You can write your NAME and ADDRESS on the name card, for easy to identify your luggage from others.
Our travel tags can be used anywhere, for air travel, cruise ships, trains, bus, AND school bags/gym bags/suitcases/spinners/golf bags/musical instrument cases/baby strollers… The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Using a luggage tag to help identify your luggage does not mean it has to be boring. Y.A.Lotus has a new line of long rubber luggage tags that are fun, easy to spot, and helps put a little personality to your own travel experience. Simply write your information directly onto the card using a ball point pen.
We design and test all the stylish and professional luggage tags down to the smallest details, to ensure your baggage arrives safe and secure at your final destination during travel.
BENDABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Premium Luggage tags made of high quality durable and flexible Silicone, perfectly withstand the weight of the luggage without deforming
UPGRADE LOOPS: We use upgrade stainless steel cables to keep tags secure to any luggage while traveling. Stainless Steel Loops make sure Your Tags Will Not snap off. Compared to other luggage tags, our stainless steel ring adds an extra layer of PVC pipe for a more beautiful and durable look.
EASY TO IDENTIFY: Bright colored Business Card Holder, easy to identify on the baggage carousel, help you pick out your luggage easy. Simply write information directly on the card, with the help of name on the front, you can identity this tag easily.
WIDE RANGE OF USES: The Name tags can be used for suitcase, kids cars, luggage , travel bags and so on. Small size and light weight, easy to attach and carry.
Y.A.LOTUS – A NAME YOU CAN TRUST: We manufacture our travel accessories according to the highest quality standards. Perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day. Great Christmas presents for colleagues or that traveler in your life. 【Good Advice】 – Fill in the information card with a modifiable pencil to avoid transcription errors