Itaca Sevron Luggage Set 76 centimeters 200 Grey (Antracita)



Set of 3 suitcases, ITACA brand. 4 gyratory wheels and telescopic handle. Ideal for the entire family
Inner lined. Separating compartment with zipper and adjustable elastic bands. Combination lock integrated
2 retractable handles, vertical and horizontal. High confort in whatever position. Supporting chocks for the horizontal side
Zipper with double cursor. Medium and large suitcase extensible with 25% more of extra capacity
Sizes: Small 55x38x20 cm 2.80 kg (cabin low cost)Medium 66x41x27+5 cm 3.50 kg. Extensible.Large 76x49x30+5 cm 4.40 kg. Extensible


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