KASIQIWA New Smart suitcases trolleys Automatically Follow Luggage 20″ inch Cabin Travel case,Silver



Free shipping, can be boarded directly, the luggage is designed according to the size of the boarding, when the security check, the battery can be directly removed, can be directly used as an electronic device charging treasure. The box can be boarded directly through the security check.
Accurately follow the human-computer interaction. UWB radio frequency ultra-wideband technology is a new generation of high-precision positioning navigation system. It integrates the real-time interaction of the 20HZ transmission signal at the bottom of the luggage compartment. It accurately senses the bracelet’s position and the bracelet starts to follow, and the motor wheel is launched. The safety distance follows closely, up to 6KM/H.
Not afraid to lose, like a shadow, the suitcase will automatically sense the owner’s speed, automatically adjust the following speed. When the trunk is more than 3 meters away from the owner, the bracelet will vibrate in time.
The mode is free to switch, the drive wheel is closed by one button, the bracelet is turned into the follow mode, the motor wheel automatically falls down and the end box is shut down, the motor wheel is automatically closed, the life of the motor wheel is effectively protected, and the trunk is further dragged. Easy.
This smart suitcase is a good choice for your travel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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