LKNJLL Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Black,Checked-Large 24-Inch



1. Material and lock: Made of lightweight and durable ABS material, long service life, TSA closed lock, safe and reliable
2. Structure (handle and interior): The handle is ergonomically designed, comfortable and sturdy, with precise snaps, sturdy and durable, fully lined interior and multi-functional tissue pocket for easy packing
3. Wheels: 4 360° universal wheels, easy to move, quiet and wearable, extensively tested under different road conditions, high durability and damage resistance, making your travel around the world easier
4. Use or modify the password: 1 is to use the original password as 000., 2 press the red button to set the password as the original password, 3 press the button to unlock the password input status, the red button returns to normal, the new password has been successfully set.
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