Rimowa Topas IATA Luggage 30″ Inch Multiwheel 85.0 L Suitcase Silver



The 30″ Multiwheel is part of the Topas Collection from Rimowa. ( Dimensions: 78cm x 51cm x 28.5cm/30.71″x20.08″x11.22″ )
The Topas, which was originally developed as a tropical travel suitcase and its rugged magnesium alloy shell still is the lightest and strongest luggage in the similar products.
Adjustable Partition System: Height-adjustable partition systems inside the luggage can adjust the height flexibly according to the number of baggage, so you can place a variety of items into the luggage compartment orderly.
Four Wheel System: Noise reduction system with four smooth rollers so that the luggage steer very easily, easy to move particularly.
TSA Lock: TSA Lever Action Locks add security and can be opened for security checks without any damage to the lock.


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