Travelite Unisex Adult Luggage Set, Orange, 75 centimeters



Linear: The hard shell cases of the “Nova” series are enticing with their fresh, linear form. The striated design of the plain-colored cases looks modern and cheerful and cheeky in green or orange or even casual and sporty in navy to cool and elegant in anthracite.
Stable: With our suitcases, you can be sure your journey won’t be complicated, no matter which case you travel with. The outer shell of our “Nova” suitcases is made of polypropylene and extremely sturdy. It protects your luggage very well when traveling.
The perfect fit: The modern “Nova” hard case is available in the sizes S (hand luggage), M and L. Everyone will find the appropriate “Nova” case for their travel situation. All trunks are equipped with double-sided packing straps and a packing wall. This allows everyone to pack and unpack in no time. The practical zippered inner pocket also make packing more comfortable.
Versatile: The tried-and-true comfort wheels make our “Nova” hard case extremely flexible. They are the perfect companion for young and old, no matter where the journey goes.
Reliable: The practical number security lock of our “Nova” hard case secures luggage against unauthorized access. It can be opened and closed quickly and easily. The integrated address pocket, like the bright colours, ensures the uniqueness of the cases.


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