Zarges K424 Transport Case with Caster Wheels, Travel Accessories XC 31.5 x 19.69 x 15.16



DURABLE & SAFE: Looking for a safe, universal metal box to store valuables? ZARGES has the solution. This aluminum storage case is durable enough to stash money, medicine, passports, or jewels, keeping these items out of the wrong hands. The container features stainless steel hinges on the lid and 2 sturdy lid-holding straps so the lid won’t open too far.
IMPACT-RESISTANT MATERIAL: Our heavy-duty latch box is extremely resilient and built to withstand a great deal of use. It features impact-resistant plastic corners with fully welded profile sections and latches that won’t easily give out under pressure. You can rest assured that, if your box drops, it will not break open.
IDEAL FOR TRAVELING: This box is easy to take with you anywhere you go, weighing less than 14 lbs. However, the lightweight nature of this lockbox does not sacrifice its durability. Heavy does not always mean protective. The pull-out handle and second sprung drop handle provide 2 convenient options perfect for airport travel.
USEFUL FEATURES: Our transport case has a variety of features that make it essential. It has excellent mobility with its 2” integrated casters and telescoping handle. Its impact-resistant plastic corners make it stackable, and it has a high load-bearing capacity of up to 110 lbs. In addition, the removable base insert is made from abrasion-resistant PE foam to protect your valuables.
EASY TO STORE: If you have limited storage space, this compact lockbox will be a delight in your life. Not only does it take up little space but it’s also stackable. If you have purchased a set of multiple boxes, they’ll fit nicely inside of each other to maximize the use of your storage facility and ensure better organization of your unit.


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